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Become a Visioneery

Spend cheese to say CHEESE!



Composite Veneers 

is a resin bonding over the teeth.Each layer is sculpted to build the desired length and shape of the tooth and then cured using a high-intensity light.
The new veneers can then be polished to achieve a more natural tooth-like look.No shaving, no drilling, anesthesia or downtime 

Tooth Gems

are diamonds or symbols attached to the natural tooth or veneer. 


is the replacement of a tooth that no longer is there or is partially gone. 

Teeth whitening

 Is a timed process you undergo for whiter teeth with natural teeth or veneers 

Veneer Maintenance

 comes with fixing of more than 2 teeth, buffing, polishing and a 15 minute teeth whitening. 

Braces removal

 is the process of removing wire braces and brackets from the teeth.


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